Search Engine Optimization Guide for Starters 2020


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a free process to rank any webpage at the top of search engine’s SERP (Search Engine Result Page) desired search words or keywords. It is very helpful to achieve organic traffic for website.

It is a long time and slow process, but its result is very long lasting. If you can rank your business page or website at top for several keywords, then you can sleep well because now you don’t have to worry about the traffic for your webpage.
In this article, I am going to tell you the actual process to start Search Engine Optimization for your website. If you can follow these guidelines strictly, then I am sure that you will be success. So, let’s start: –

Keyword Research

At the very beginning of your SEO campaign, you must find some good keywords for your websites. You can use Google AdWords,, SpyFu and some other tools. You must select the keywords with a high volume of search amount but low competitive. Keyword competition is very important because if you choose highly competitive keywords, then it may take a year to get ranked with them instead of a few months.

Competitors Research
After finishing keyword research part, now you can find all businesses or webpages who are already getting ranked with your selected keywords. Here are some points which are very important to note in competitors research: –
1) Position with keyword
2) Domain Authority (DA)
3) Page Authority (PA)
4) Total Amount of Backlinks
5) Total Amount of Do-follow Backlinks
6) Total Amount of No-follow Backlinks
7) How Much Traffic are They Getting?
8) Age of Domain
9) How Many Pages are Indexed to Search Engine?
10) How Many Articles in Their Blog?
11) How Many Contents are They Publishing per Week?

Your primary preparations are ending here and now you are ready to move into the main straggle of your search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign.

On-page Optimization
This is the starting of your main SEO. On-page optimization is also called “On-site SEO” or “Technical SEO”. In this page you have analyze your own website if it fits for SEO, but if it is not fit, then you must make it fit.

Here are some important points to make your website fit for SEO: –

Meta Title: – It is an important thing to identify your website to search engine. You can put 1 or 2 keywords by adding suffix or prefix. But remember that you cannot use more than 60 characters in “Meta Title”

Meta Description: – It is also an important thing to identify your website to search engine. This should be the summary of your whole website to summarize your website to search engine. You can include some keywords in Meta Description.

Keyword URL: – If possible, you can put your keywords in sub-page’s URLs. If your domain is “” then make your URLs “”

Optimize Speed: – Google always recommends to keep your website light, and use minified CSS, JavaScript. Theses will make your website heavy and the images are another material to make your website heavy. Use compressed images.

Use Quality Hosting: – If you are buying hosting from local providers, then it may be a problem for your website because local hosting providers are always cheap, and they provide bad quality slow hosting. So, you can buy hosting from GoDaddy, Namecheap or HostGator.
Off-page Optimization

Now it is time to expand publicity for your website by building backlinks. You will always build high quality backlinks to overtake your competitors and must do something better than them. Always keep in mind that “Content is king”. You must publish an article including your keywords by adding suffix or prefix, but don’t use your keywords directly. And, don’t make Do-Follow backlinks only, it will be a spam, make it balanced with Do-Follow and No-Follow. For example, if you create 10 backlinks for your website, then try to create 7 Do-Follow and 3 No-Follow, it is just an example.

Steal backlinks: – Surprised!!! Yes, I am telling to steal other’s backlinks. When you are analyzing your competitors, then extract of their incoming or outgoing backlinks. Try to create backlinks on those websites to get ranked faster.

Submit it to local directories: – Submit your website to local directories but always skip spammy directories like screenshot


Comments on Blogs: – You can do “Blog Comments”, it is very helpful for your website. If you can get Do-follow backlinks from comments, then it is very helpful.

Guest Posting: – Get backlinks by “Guest Posting”. It will be the best quality backlinks for your website and helpful to get ranked faster.


This is basic strategy of SEO; in this article I have explained the starter guide. Advance SEO guide will be published soon.



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